Mainstreaming study



Study of services to support the inclusion of persons with disability in mainstream environments - 2015



This study presents services from the EPR membership that support the inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream envirenments. The study intends to be a useful resource for service providers, for disability communities, and for policy makers, including the European Commision.




Adelante: Training towards community based living (Netherlands)


Astangu VRC: Opening Doors and Minds: A mentor Programme (Estonia)


Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse: CDI ISI Curriculum (France)


EKON: Complex social and vocational skills assessment as a supporting practice in vocational rehabilitation (Poland)


Fundaçao AFID Diferença: Transition to Active Life (Portugal)


GTB vzw: TAZbis (Tender activation and care, second phase) for persons with menta, medical psychic or psychiatric problems (Belgium)


GTB vzw: Building a corporate collaboration between the public unemployment office VDAB and GTB to promote employment rate of people with disabilities: a good example of mainstreaming (Belgium)


Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA): Operation Sign-UP (Ireland)


Josefs Gesellschaft gGmbh: VAmB - Verzahnte Ausblidug mi Betrieben (Germany)


Heliomare: Arbeids Training Centrum (ATC) (Netherlands)


National Learning Network: Education Support Service Learning & Assessment (Ireland)


ONCE FOundation: Support to Ongoing Entrepreneurs (Spain)


The Marie Homes: The Selma Marie Home - rehabilitation of young adults with TBI/ABI (Denmark)


Theotokos Foundation: Early Intervention (Greece)





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This study was executed with financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation - EaSI (2014-2020). For further information please consult The European Commission is acting as Contracting Authorities. The information contained in this publication does not necessarely reflect the position or opinion of the European Commission.




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