Benefits of EPR membership



EPR offers a range of services and opportunities to its members under the following categories:



Increased quality of service delivery


EPR activities aim to train professionals and to improve services. Combined European best practices often lead to better solutions, while learning from each other provides organisations and their staff with wider perspective and new insights.



Strengthened competitive position


EPR assists its members to offer more and better services with fewer resources, and to demonstrate that their services add value to both the individual and society. Focusing on the modernisation of social services in a European context, EPR allows organisations to stay one step ahead in responding to the challenges of a changing rehabilitation market.



Readiness for ‘Europeanised’ rehabilitation market


Management and professionals of EPR members ‘learn by doing’ how to cooperate in an international environment. This experience is indispensable in a market where both clients and professionals start crossing borders and service providers enter into international consortia.



Enhanced business development


The active involvement of strong organisations offers economies of scale in terms of research and development. EPR also offers a unique platform to initiate joint business development between members and to explore international initiatives. Finally, organisations obtain easier access to project funding.



Role as centre of excellence at the national level 


EPR is recognised throughout Europe as an influential platform of rehabilitation service providers which increases the credibility of its members towards their clients, funders and partners. Organisations can only claim a leading role at the national level if they gain knowledge via structural and advanced international cooperation.

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