Mutual Learning on skills for the ICT labour market for people with disabilities

Learnabil-IT aims to promote the cooperation and mutual learning between the worlds of work and vocational education and training in the ICT sector, supporting a better labour skills match and a greater employability of people with disabilities in the open labour market.


This is done through the identification, analysis and mutual exchange of best practices regarding collaboration mechanisms between employers and their representatives, VET service providers for people with disabilities and other disadvantages (here-after abbreviated to PWDD) and PWDD themselves.

The project also includes a series of mutual learning activities – site visits and webinars – on best practices from each participating country. Beyond the mutual learning, the project will also encourage partners in the effective deployment and transfer of best practices, beyond the execution of the project itself.

The Learnabil-IT project is funded by the programme PROGRESS of the European Commission contributing to the strategic goals of creating more and better jobs and offering equal opportunities for all.

Project duration:  12 months (1st January 2014 – 31st December 2014)



Project Partners





National partners

The project brings together six EPR member organisations with a strong operational expertise in the field of education and training for people with disabilities:


Astangu VRC – Estonia

Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse – France

National Learning Network – Ireland

Pluryn – The Netherlands

University Rehabilitation Institute – Slovenia

Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre – Lithuania



European partners

European Network on Independent Living – ENIL

Business Disability Forum – BDF



Project implementation

Phase 1: Mapping practices in 6 Countries and at European level

Phase 2: Analysing data and identifying best practices

Phase 3: Mutual learning activities (site visits and online webinars)




To learn more about identification of skills needed in ICT labour market, about the coopeartion between VET and employers, about methodologies to adapt training curricula for people with disabilities, about successful practices to ensure smooth transition and sustaining the job, join the knowledege-management platform and discover all learning materials and publications available.

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