PESSIS 2: Promoting employers’ social services organisations in social dialogue

The project is the follow up of the project PESSIS (2011-2012) and represents the second step of a longer term process aiming at establishing a representative platform for employers in the social services sector at European level.The project is supported by a broad partnership of European and national organisations representing social and health services providers, in close cooperation with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU).

It is a European project funded by the European Commission’s Programme on Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue.



General aim of the project

The project focuses on the social and economic role of the social services sector and its major contribution to employment and growth in Europe.The extended mapping exercise, the SWOT analysis and the discussion at national and EU level should ultimately lead to the creation of a sectoral social dialogue committee at European level representing the employers of social services and trade unions representing the workers in the sector.



Key objectives of the project:


1. To deepen the knowledge on social dialogue in the social and health sector in Europe by extending the research area to 6 additional countries in Central, Eastern, Southern Europe and Scandinavia;
2. To build capacity on the employers’ side of the social and health sector in selected countries and to test
their will in joining European Social Dialogue
3. To understand the best ways in which to build social dialogue structures at European level

This project aims to update the existing information and data in at least 12 EU Member States, identifying practices and experiences which might help the sector to structure itself as employers’ representative. The activity of research will be structured around four key themes.



Project duration


12 months (1 November 2013 – 30 October 2014)



Project Partners





European partners


Caritas Europa
Workability Europe


National partners

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Wohnungslosenhilfe (BAWO)-Austria
Union des Entreprises à Profit Social (UNIPSO)-Belgium
Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband(AWO)-Germany
Dutch Association of Healthcare Providers for People with Disabilities (VGN)
FEGAPEI – France





PESSIS Newsletter


First Issue – April 2014


Second Issue – July 2014


Third Issue – September 2014


Final Issue – October 2014




PESSIS Outcomes


Final European Report

National research reports in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden


National Outcomes of discussions in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands


European Outcomes of discussions



PESSIS Final Conference


Briefing on European Social Dialogue for Employers in the Social Services sector


Conference draft agenda


Summary Final Conference



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