EPR Communications Network

Online 4 September 2024, 10.00 - 12.00 CEST

The EPR Communication network forges exchanges of expertise and improve communication of EPR activities. The annual online meeting encourage members to update on campaigns, tools and social media, how to best communicate messages about social rights, services and disability in Europe.

Aims of the Meeting

  • Share good practices on communication strategies, tactics, and campaigns that have yielded positive results
  • Identify common elements of successful communication practices
  • Address challenges and needs of EPR members to disseminate and promote better their work online
  • Update members with new communication tools or technologies
  • Promote networking among EPR members, establish connections to collaborate on future communication projects

Tentative agenda and registration below.

This meeting is for EPR members only.


Information details

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Contact person

Loredana Martínez, lmartinez@epr.eu