Mutual learning is key within our network. We make sure we provide our members with a platform and the space to exchange best practices and learn from each other. We have developed, thanks to the platform Teachable, a series of e-Learning modules aimed at providing information on various topics of interest to our sector and, to others working on similar issues or people simply interested in learning more about certain topics on the social services and disability sector.

Personalised Learning Pathways

Online resources from the EPR membership gathered in a similar format to an e-Learning module on personalised learning pathways. The content answers some key questions related to PLPs. What are PLPs? How to create personal plans? How does co-production relate to PLP? What are some challenges to PLPs? Check out the online resources now!

Disability and Quality of Life: Principles and Practice

Our 2018 e-Learning Module aimed at providing key information about Quality of Life, its definition and how it relates to persons with disabilities and the services provided to them. What the existing are tools and instruments to measure those. This e-Learning module is addressed to a broad audience. Both experts and non-experts on this subject can benefit from it. Take the online course now!

Mental Health & Co-production

This e-Learning module is dedicated to Mental health and co-production. What does it mean to apply a co-production approach to mental health? Find the answer to this and other questions in our online e-learning module.

Mental Health & Well-being

Together with the collaboration of one of our experts, Tom O’Brien a senior expert in mental health services, we collected resources and information on mental well-being, what are the main causes and consequences of having a good or bad mental well-being between other issues. Access our resources here.

You can also find many interesting resources on our Knowledge Hub.