Our Members are direct decision-makers over the strategy and activities of the network, they have a seat in the General Assembly and can also stand for the Board of Directors. They are entitled to all activities and services that our network offers, including an individual needs assessment and personalised recommendations and “match-making”.

EPR members are private not-for-profit organisations or public organisations that deliver services to people with disabilities and other disadvantages or that support organisations that deliver such services, from any European country. EPR members are known for providing high quality services, engage in actions for continuous development, improvement and innovation, have a high level of expertise in relevant fields for the other EPR members, are committed to the quality principles[1] underpinning the EQUASS system and to the implementation of the UNCRPD, as well as having the capacity to engage in a minimum of EPR activities.

[1]  www.equass.be/images/Documents/EQUASS2018/EQUASS-Principles-Criteria-and-Indicators.pdf

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