What opportunities does EPR offer to its members?

If you are interested in joining our network and benefitting from our activities outlined below, please contact our Secretary General Laura Jones who would be happy to explain more. EPR has one type of membership, and three fee levels, dependent on the GDP of the country in which an organisation is based.

Our strategic objectives:

  • EPR provides and facilitates valuable learning and development opportunities for members
  • EPR equips members to address trends impacting service delivery
  • EPR network of innovative organization grows
  • EPR contributes to policy discussions based on members’ expertise

EPR is a “matchmaker” helping members to identify mutual learning possibilities and supporting the development of tailor-made exchange and training activities both in-person and online. Our catalogue of activities is developed through individual consultations with each of our members.

Compare and analyse how to improve services and assess progress over time
Participate in comparative research into good practice from the field
Join site-study visits to leading practitioners and product developers

Gain insight into how to address address and harness trends
Take part in pilots of innovative approaches
Apply theory from expert workshops on organisational development and strategy
Learn about and apply the latest methodologies in service provision

Build connections with leading service providers from across Europe
Be prepared for trends before they reach your country
Engage with EU level actors, including representatives from the EU institutions

Receive guidance in finding project partners
Get support in writing EU project applications
Participate in training sessions in accessing EU funding opportunities

Benefit from analysis of key initiatives and legislation
Understand the impact of EU level actions on service provision
Feed into key EU processes relevant to the disability service sector

EPR organises initiatives in the following fields of expertise:
Vocational Education and Training, Employment, medical rehabilitation, mental health, independent living, quality, outcome measurement, empowerment and co-production, mental health, ICT and Assistive Technology, strategy and organisational performance.

Activities include study visits, expert training sessions, awareness raising events, benchmarking seminars and mutual learning workshops. The use of web meetings facilitates participation and provides regular opportunities to exchange with other members on policy, practice and projects. Every year we organise an Annual Conference including training workshops and hold a strategic Workshop for Directors. Our Public Affairs’ events are an opportunity to bring together our work on policy and practice in the field. We organise Training sessions on EU initiatives and policy and capacity building seminars on accessing EU funding programmes. Most activities are completely free for members of the network.

Additional services available to all members

On top of the mentioned activities, EPR supports its members to organise international events and provides personalised, tailor-made training or other activities for an individual member.