EPR develops analysis and advocacy on policy and initiatives at EU level that affect the social services sector. The social services sector as defined by the European Commission covers employment and training services, social housing, child care, long-term care and social assistance services.

EPR focuses on:

  • Social investment in social services

            :: Social Services Europe Statement on the Social Economy Action Plan (2021)

            :: Social Services Europe Feedback on the Roadmap for the Action Plan on Social Economy (2021)

            :: Social Services Europe contribution to the consultation on the Green Paper on Ageing (2021)

            :: Social Services Europe reaction to the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan (2021)

            :: Report of Social Services Europe “Improving work-life balance through enabling social services: From service provision to decent policies” (2018)

            :: Position Paper of Social Services Europe ‘The Role of Social Services in the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights’ (2018)

            :: Position paper of Social Services Europe on the future EU funding programmes – Enabling social services through the Multiannual Financial Framework post-2020: a European  Imperative (2018)

            :: Input into the public consultations on the future of the EU funding programmes from EPR members’ perspectives (2018)

            :: Letter to the European Commission about the importance of social investment (2015)

  • Job creation, recruitment and retention

            :: Policy recommendations from the European Observatory for Inclusive Employment and Sustainable Development Goals (2020)

            :: Joint message on Inclusive Labour Market in Europe (2020)

            :: Study co-commissioned with Social Services Europe members (2017)

            :: Recommendations developed with Social Services Europe (2017)

            :: Study co-commissioned with Social Services Europe members (2020)


  • Public procurement

            :: SSE Statement on the EC Guide “Buying Social – a guide to taking account of social considerations in public procurement” (2021)

            :: EPR input to the revision of the European Commission Guide to Socially Sustainable Public-Procurement – focus on contracting for quality services (2018)

            :: Social Services Europe input to the revision of the European Commission’s Guide to Socially Sustainable Public- Procurement

            :: Examples of public procurement practice from across Europe from SSE members

            :: Snapshot of the impact of public procurement on EPR members (2017)

            :: Assessment of the 2014 EU Directive on public procurement (2014)

EPR often works on these topics within the Social Services Europe network.