Meet the EPR Secretariat

Based in Brussels, the Secretariat acts as the interface with EPR member organisations and with external stakeholders.

Laura Jones
Secretary General

Spoken languages: English, French and Italian

Laura is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the EPR strategy and work plan, including mutual learning, training and innovation activities to meet the needs of the members. She manages and develops the EPR team to this aim. Laura liaises with members on a regular basis and leads the recruitment of new members. She works with and reports to the EPR Board of Directors and is responsible for representing the organization externally, including as board member of Social Services Europe. She leads the Annual Conference team and the Task Force on Pathways to Employment.


Alicia Gómez Campos
Senior Public Affairs and Community Officer

Spoken languages: Spanish, English and French


Alicia is responsible for leading the development and implementation of EPR’s internal and external communication activities. She monitors and  feeds into EU policy developments relevant for and in consultation with EPR members. She represents EPR members in Social Services Europe and the Social Platform and provides policy and communications advice to EU projects. She is also responsible for mutual learning activities with a policy dimension and on mental health.


Mathias Maucher
Senior Programmes and Project Officer (50%)

Spoken languages: English, French and German

Mathias coordinates EPR’s involvement in the Jump to Job, Change 4 Inclusion and SAS projects. He leads EPR’s working groups on Youth, Disability Management, and ICF. In terms of policy, he works on skills, VET and employment, including the social economy.
Mathias works 50% as Policy and Project Coordinator of Social Services Europe (which EPR is a member of).


Roberto Zanon
Senior Project Officer (70%)

Spoken languages: English, French and Italian

Roberto leads EPR’s funding support service. He leads on EPR’s project development and management activities in cooperation with members. He is responsible for mutual learning and training activities related to funding and projects, including the Digital Skills Task Force. He manages funding alerts and partner searches.


Ronald Schollaart
Finance and Human Resources Manager (85%)

Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French and German

Ronald is responsible for the invoicing, bookkeeping and accountancy of EPR and EQUASS, including preparing budgets and reports. He leads direct audits for EQUASS and supervises the organisation of the training sessions. He is responsible for HR, contracts with externals, liaising with payroll and managing the organisation’s statutes. He also acts as the Office Manager.


Panita Ball 
Projects and Events Officer

Spoken languages: English and French 

Panita co-ordinates the TransitAction project, leads work packages in the Equal Treatment project and leads EPR’s involvment in the SESK project. She contributes to the delivery of 2 projects in which EPR is a partner, Video Online Learning and Training (VOLT) and Supported Apprenticeship Scheme (SAS). She works on project development and applications. She co-leads the Annual Conference, and runs the Digital Skills Working group, as well as providing input to other key EPR events.


Benedetta Pesce
Junior Project and Events Officer

Spoken languages: Italian, English and French.

Benedetta supports the EQUASS team with the coordination of administrative procedures related to certification and manages EQUASS-related enquiries. She supports EPR’s projects in administration, reporting, dissemination and research.


Loredana Martínez
Junior Communications and Events Officer

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French and Catalan

Loredana supports EPR Communications by creating content for EPR’s social media and, monitoring and designing graphics for EPR’s online campaign #InclusionMatters. She is in charge of updating the website and developing content for EPR’s Newsbulletin and Annual Report. Loredana also assists the Secretariat in events and activities organisation including Centre Coordinators meetings and European projects.


Giada Venier 
Policy and Events Assistant

Spoken languages: English, Italian and Russian 

Giada is supporting EPR policy activities and events organisation. She monitors policy developments at the European level, attends external meetings on relevant policy issues and contributes to writing reports and papers. She assists in the organisation of EPR events and in other activities of the Secretariat.