Meet the EPR Secretariat

Based in Brussels, the Secretariat acts as the interface with EPR member organisations and with external stakeholders.

Alicia Gómez Campos
Secretary General

Spoken languages: Spanish, English and French

Alicia serves as the influential voice of our organization in Brussels and across Europe. She is responsible for maintaining strong member relationships, expanding our network across Europe, developing strategic programs, empowering our members, and representing EPR’s interests in policy domains. With her leadership, EPR continues to shape European policies and regulations, making a positive impact in the social services sector.


Roberto Zanon
Head of Projects (50%)

Spoken languages: English, French and Italian

Roberto leads EPR’s funding support service and coordinates the EPR staff working on projects. He leads on EPR’s project development and management activities in cooperation with members. He is responsible for mutual learning and training activities related to funding and projects, including the Funding Working Group. He coordinates funding alerts and partner searches.


Ronald Schollaart
Finance and Human Resources Manager (85%)

Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French and German

Ronald is responsible for the invoicing, bookkeeping and accountancy of EPR and EQUASS, including preparing budgets and reports. He leads direct audits for EQUASS and supervises the organisation of the training sessions. He is responsible for HR, contracts with externals, liaising with payroll and managing the organisation’s statutes. He also acts as the Office Manager.


Panita Ball
Projects and Events Officer

Spoken languages: English and French

Panita has been managing projects and organising events in social services related to employment, education and training of vulnerable groups for over 15 years. She coordinates the Equal Treatment and Particip.AGE Projects and contributes to the work of other EU projects: Helpdesk, Supported Apprenticeships Scheme and Video Online Learning and Training. She also contributes to research and drafting of project funding applications and co-leads the organisation of the Annual Conference as well as provides input to other key EPR events.


Eberhard Lueder
Community and Service Manager

Spoken languages: English and German

Eberhard has a background in social affairs and education and previously worked with various local, national and European networks of civil society organisations and social service providers. He support EPR’s community of members on capacity building, mutual learning and training, leading working groups of our network on different themes such as skills or mental health, and contributes to developing innovative services. He serves as facilitator for the EPR working groups and task forces, leads the Centre Coordinators meetings and supports specific policy development activities and strategic partnerships. He contributes to EU projects concerned with labour market inclusion, supported apprenticeships, and quality assurance in social services. 


Benedetta Pesce
Project and Events Officer

Spoken languages: Italian, English and French.

Benedetta supports the EQUASS team with the coordination of administrative procedures related to certification and manages EQUASS-related enquiries. She supports EPR’s projects in administration, reporting, dissemination and research.




Benedetta Galeazzi
Policy Officer

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Dutch

Benedetta works towards implementing EPR’s policy work, monitoring core EU policy developments around the EPSR and disability strategy and other key policy matters for our sector; liaising with EU institutions and other relevant partners to advocate for the importance of high quality services for persons with disabilities. She has a background in International Relations and a Masters in International Security from SciencesPo with an extensive multicultural upbringing and professional experience in national, European and international organisations.


Loredana Martínez
Communications and Events Officer

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French and Catalan

Loredana has a background in corporate communications and events management. She is responsible for implementing the EPR’s communication strategy by managing and monitoring EPR’s social media content, Newsbulletin, website and graphic materials. She also manages the organisation of key events such as the EPR Annual Conference and the Public Affairs event. Loredana is responsible for EPR’s Communications Network and facilitates the internal communication among the members of the network. She also coordinates the communication and dissemination strategy of European funded projects.