AUTHERAPIES Project first year update

On June 1st, partners of the AUTHERAPIES project met for its first transnational meeting in Reus, Spain, using a hybrid format that combined in-person and remote participation. The meeting was hosted by the Spanish partner, Open Europe.

The event started with an opening address delivered by the esteemed future mayor of Reus, setting an optimistic tone for the proceedings. Attendees then engaged in comprehensive discussions regarding the project’s current status, exchanging updates on progress made thus far and outlining the forthcoming steps to be undertaken.

Over the course of the preceding year, project partners dedicated themselves to several key initiatives. Among these endeavors were the development and launch of the project’s official website, aimed at providing a central platform for information dissemination and engagement. Additionally, concerted efforts were made towards the dissemination of project-related materials, ensuring that the project’s objectives and outcomes reach a wide and diverse audience. Furthermore, partners diligently conducted research, assembling a panel of experts whose insights and perspectives will inform and enrich the project’s endeavors moving forward.