Active Inclusion of People with Disabilities through social economy employment models 2019

EPR, Avenue des Arts 8, c/o CCI 'Salle Delvaux', 1210, Brussels, Belgium 3 December 2019, 9.00-13.00

On December 3rd, EPR hosted its annual Public Affairs Event in Brussels from 9.00 to 13.00.

It was focused around the role of social economy employment models as tools to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights and Active Inclusion. ‘A tool for Active Inclusion of People with Disabilities – Social Economy Employment Models.

EPR presented the first findings of a study focused on social economy employment models and how they employ people with disabilities and support their inclusion in mainstream employment. Following last years’ study on social enterprises and employment of people with disabilities, in 2019 EPR has had a closer look at some concrete examples of its membership.

Participants also learnt about the first reflections of research carried out by the European Observatory for Inclusive Employment and Sustainable Development Goals.

What else was on the agenda?
EPR was joined by representatives of its members who contributed to the study and guests and who gave insight into their models of social enterprises. They focused on their success factors and what others can learn from their experiences. Policy makers and other European networks joined us  to give an update on latest developments on this topic and how they will impact organisations working on the ground, including the European Commission, European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers and European Network for Independent Living.

Please find below the programme of the day, the presentations shared, a programme infographic and an event report.

This event receives financial support from the European Union, from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). For further information please consult: