Well-being at Work: Coaching skills for Resilience

Online 2nd October 11:00 - 13:00 CEST

EPR & Badiliko joined forces to support EPR members and extended network between the months of July and October via an exclusive interactive Webinar Learning Series: “Well-being at Work: Coping & Balancing”

Who is this for?

Those of you who are looking for an opportunity to learn, connect and share with each other how to improve your team members coping skills and resilience in times of  ambiguity and pressure at work.

What will I learn?

Balancing is our second 2-hour interactive virtual learning session in our series.

Our first session entitled coping was aimed at helping you understand your own levels of stress and resilience, its’ impact and one take away to help you deal with it more effectively.

This second learning session is about learning and practicing the art of coaching skills to support others. Others might be your team members, peers or other stakeholders around you within your occupational setting. This session will provide you with a core tool to help others become more empowered at handling difficulties more effectively.

In this learning session you will:

  • Learn to differentiate between coaching and advising
  • Understand the benefits of coaching your team members to improve their resilience
  • Gain knowledge of some tools to ‘listen’ for resilience indicators and coach effectively
  • Practice ‘effective coaching skills’ with your peers
  • Leave with at least one personal action to master your coaching skills

Practical information

Fees for the workshops:

EPR members 30€ per person; non-members 35€ per person

If someone from an EPR member wishes to take part, but cannot afford the price, please contact agomezcampos@epr.eu or ljones@epr.eu

Who is facilitating this?

Natalie Schürmann is the founder of Badiliko, an occupational health and well-being consultancy, which offers coaching and training solutions to promote, balance, well-being and fulfilment. Badiliko a learning partner for people, leaders and organisations across the world,  fosters self -awareness, self-mastery, personal health & balance for a more fulfilled workforce and a happier world. Natalie is an occupational psychologist, a certified leadership & team coach and specialises in health coaching with a focus on mental & emotional well-being.

For related articles authored by Natalie: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-better-coping-skills-training-our-resilience-schurmann/

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