Working and Meeting Remotely Taskforce – online meetings

Online 5 May

The emergency linked to the spread of COVID19 had countless consequences on the service provision and on the daily work of EPR members.

One of these consequences was the shift of all possible interventions from the physical to the digital world. Working and meeting remotely became a priority and an obligation for many organisations.

For this reason, starting from April 2020, with the aim of sharing experiences and challenges on this topic, EPR formed the WORKING AND MEETING REMOTELY TASK-FORCE.

The Innovation Taskforce produced a summary to guide other service providers on shifting online their work and meetings. The summary is available here.


The reports of the meetings are available here:

Working online and meeting remotely Taskforce report 05-05-20

Working online and meeting remotely Taskforce report 21-04-20

Working and meeting remotely Taskforce Report 07-04-20

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