General Info                                                     

Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse (CRM)
Country: France
Name of EPR Director: Tom Cardoso
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Jean-Claude Schrepfer, Quality and Risk Coordinator,


Mission & Vision

A person-centred approach is at the core of CRM services all, promoting dignity and citizenship with respect for the choices and needs of the service users. Through its services, CRM promotes the development of people’s capabilities, full participation in society and employment inclusion. Furthermore, CRM supports the users’ autonomy as well as physical, mental, and moral wellbeing, CRM is engaged in the social debate evolutions and transformations to come promoting each person as a full member of society.

To support people’s rehabilitation process and meeting the needs of the people with disabilities.

In addition to the rehabilitation services, CRM aims at raising awareness in the community.


Target group(s)

  • Adults
  • Patients with following medical origin: spinal cord injured group / orthopaedics – traumatology – rheumatology group /traumatic brain injured group for Functional Rehabilitation.
  • People recognised as disabled workers for Assessment and Vocational Rehabilitation.


Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Quality of Life


Social and rehabilitation services

  • Employment services
  • Education and Training services
  • Medical Rehabilitation


Areas of excellence and innovative services

  • Partnerships with employers
  • Mobile teams/services outside the walls
  • E-learning



Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse
57, Rue Albert Camus
68093 Mulhouse Cedex