General Info

Parents Association of Intellectually Impaired Individuals (E.G.N.Y.A.)
Country: Greece
Name of EPR Director:
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Periklis Vavourakis,

Mission & Vision

The Parents Association of Intellectually Impaired Individuals (E.G.N.Y.A.) is an accredited non-profit, charitable association supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare, as well as the administrative authority of the Attica Region (East Attica unit).

It was founded in 1973 by parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities, while it was recognized as a charitable association in 1977 (government gazette No. FEK 535/B’/11-6-77). E.G.N.Y.A. is administered by a board of directors consisting of 7 elected members among parents and supporters. According to its founding statutory declaration the purpose of E.G.N.Y.A. is “advancing the protection, care, education, development of skills, physical improvement and vocational training, as well as the rehabilitation, social integration, including involvement in sports, of the mentally disabled adult individuals of both sexes”.

  • Semi-autonomous living for up to 60 People with Mental Disabilities.Training in a variety of areas of expertise and employment for those who cannot be trained.
  • Promotion in the job market or to alternative forms of employment for those having the possibilities.
  • Advisory Support for the mentally disabled, families and parents in the Eastern Attica area.
  • In case of illness or any parent’s disability we provide short term semi-autonomous living for EGNYA’s members mentally disabled children or certified disabled from the Special Scientific Committee of EGNYA which reside in the nearby Municipalities and Communities.
  • Taking innovative and research programs, within existing possibilities (personnel-means) of E.G.N.Y.A..


Parents Association of Mentally Disabled (E.G.N.Y.A.)

Themistokli Sofouli Str., 19010, Lagonisi