General Info

Country: Germany
Name of EPR Director: Andreas Reiss
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator:  René Ehlen, Head of Department for Rehabilitation, and Miriam Gummersbach,

Mission & Vision

The Josefs-Gesellschaft (JG) is a nation-wide catholic society running a number of institutions for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Germany. JG supports people in discovering own possibilities and develop new abilities. They encourage people with disabilities to take self-responsible steps in the rehabilitation path. We see ourselves as personal companions on the way to self-employment.
JG helps users to maximize independence, improving quality of services and quality of life, supporting consumers, providers and policy makers. The services we provide range from housing options, schools, vocational training and workshops to medical and nursing care.
Humanity and a person-centred approach are embedded in our services and organisational culture. Respect and solidarity are among the most important core values of our work.


Target group(s)

  • Children (approximately till 14 years old)
  • Youngsters (approximately between 14-25 years old)
  • Adults
  • Elderly people


Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Social Care and Independent Living
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Person-centredness and co-production
  • Quality of service


Social and rehabilitation services

  • Employment services
  • Education and Training services
  • Social care
  • Residential care
  • Supported living
  • Medical Rehabilitation



Custodisstr. 19-21
50679 Köln