General Info

Country: France
Name of EPR Director: N/A
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Orane Jouanneau,

Mission & Vision

Created in 1929, LADAPT is an association of public utilities, manages over a hundred establishments and services in all regions of France, and suports nearly 20,000 persons with disabilities annually of all types and ages to develop together their path towards autonomy and social inclusion, through a committed posture and management of establishments.

LADAPT’S four main values are full citisenship, active solidarity, sovereignity and freedom of action till innovation. These values spurred the association’s main missions:

  • Care: re-educate & rehabilitate persons with disabilities in a global approach which takes into account their individual project.
  • Educate: provide quality education for children and young persons with disabilities.
  • Train: support the person in the development of a solid professional project & a training that leads to qualifications or professionnalisation.
  • Integrate: enable each person to carry out an activity in a safe context that guarantees the development of his/her autonomy and skills.
  • Support: support persons with disabilities in the implementation of their life project and their integration in the community.

Target group(s)

  • Adults with disabilities. 
  • Children and teenagers with disabilities. 
  • Patients in rehabilitation.
  • Trainees

Areas of Expertise

  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Employment
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Social care and Independent living
  • Quality of life

Social and rehabilitation services

  • Management of socio-medical centres.

Areas of excellence and innovative services

  • Employment, training and schooling.
  • Social and professional integration
  • Cooperation with governmental bodies for disability-related initatives.


Tour Essor – 14 rue Scandicci – 93508 Pantin cedex