Luovi offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) for young people and adults. We believe that each individual is special and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society.

We promote employment and good life of our students through innovation and collaboration. We have highly trained and motivated staff and on-going staff development is important part of our activities.

Our vision is to be the best place in the world of diverse people and competence. Our values are creativity, innovation, competence, caring and joy.

Providing VET – Supporting Individuals

Luovi Vocational College offers vocational special needs education and training (VET) in six fields of study. We operate nationwide, Luovi has 23 locations all over Finland.  Luovi offers preparatory training VALMA to enter upper secondary training and TELMA training for work and independent living. All our education is provided in Finnish.

  • Current student number globally enrolled in the field of VET is 1800
  • The total number of staff is 700, since students need a lot of support and we provide student welfare services too.

Rehabilitative Instruction and Guidance

The objectives of rehabilitative instruction and guidance are based on each student’s individual needs and capabilities. The scope of the education is 60 competence points. Each student’s local community, family and other interest groups in his/her domicile will be utilised as the student’s resource potential. Different types of work activities are also arranged by students’ municipalities of residence.

International activities

Luovi’s wide international cooperation aims at bringing an international aspect to daily life so that everyone can participate. This includes support for student and staff exchange programs, language and cultural training, receiving students and staff members abroad and international projects. Luovi supports students’ mobility and internationalisation at home as part of their studies and of developing their capabilities.

Luovi is currently a guest member of EPR.