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Mariaberg e.V. 
Country: Germany
Name of EPR Director:
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Michael Backhaus,


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make it possible for the people who need our assistance to lead a life which corresponds to our concept of humanity. Therefore, our task is to accept and respect their uniqueness, to stand by their side and to support them in mastering the challenges of everyday life with the aim of participation and inclusion in society. The message of Christ provides us with the impetus and energy for our work. We appreciate the valuable contributions of all employees who respect and share these basic beliefs and we influence the general conditions of our work through active socio-political engagement.

New requirements resulting from changes in laws or regulations prompt a need for action as well. To implement such actions, new concepts and appropriate models must be developed. All employees work together in a spirit of mutual trust in order to help us achieve our agreed objectives through the conscientious performance of tasks.


Target group(s)

  • Our offering addresses people who needs assistance within the scope of the diaconal mission we have defined for ourselves.
  • Our work is centered on individuals who suffer from disabilities or social deprivation. Our work incorporates the respective social environments relating to our various offerings.  People in social distress or in need of special assistance motivate us to continually develop the ways in which we provide aid and the services we offer.


Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Social Care and Independent Living
  • Mental Health and well-being
  • Person-centredness and co-production
  • Organisational performance
  • Quality of Life
  • Quality of service


Social and Rehabilitation Services

Mariaberg e.V. is a Diaconal Social Service institution with an offering that is available to people of all age groups, from early childhood to advanced age, who suffer from learning needs and social deprivation.

Together with its subsidiaries, Mariaberg offers a wide range of support extending from in house and externally assisted living, schooling and vocational education through to employment in workshops as well as offerings tailored to the needs of disabled senior citizens. Mariaberg offers assistance and a nurturing environment to people irrespective of the severity of their disability.

Specialisation in certain fields is one of the hallmarks of Mariaberg. Included are a hospital specialising in child and adolescent psychiatry, a medical therapy centre for people with disabilities and offerings in the areas of youth welfare and pre-school services. In addition, Mariaberg as an educational institution assists in integrating various target groups in the working world through educational activities and special vocational training programmes and vocational schools. In numerous communities of the region we are entrusted with open youth work. In addition, we organise a wide range of cultural and recreational events.


  • residential care for people with severe learning needs
  • assistance and community care for families and people with learning needs
  • inclusive kindergardens
  • special needs school and school for clients in the psychiatric hospital
  • sheltered workshops
  • organic farming
  • food services and catering
  • day care activities for people with severe learning needs
  • vocational education training center for people with learning needs
  • youth welfare services and open youth clubs in communities
  • social work in schools
  • psychiatric centre and hospital for adults and children with and without disabilities
  • programs for long term unemployed people in cooperation with the job agency
  • refugee care for under 18


Areas of excellence and innovative services

  • Apprenticeship and voluntary services (all in all over 200 young people learning on the job)
  • Recruiting and concepts for young people becoming professional
  • Art atelier for people with learning needs
  • Organic farming
  • VET in 15 professions for young people with learning needs



Mariaberg e.V.
Klosterhof 1
D- 72501 Gammertingen