General Info

Mariehjemmene/ The Marie Homes
Country: Denmark
Name of EPR Director: Malene Størup
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Hans Meier Andersen, Strategy and Communications Consultant,


Mission & Vision

The Mariehjemmene Foundation is a private, self-governing, not-for-profit organisation that offers homely housing, empathic health and social care, and professional support to people in need.
In addition to further consolidating its position of leading service provider, the Marie Homes aim at creating partnerships in their local communities and with various civil society organisations.


Target group(s)

  • Youngsters (approximately between 14-25 years old with mental disorders)
  • Adults (mental disorder, developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses and crime, acquired brain injuries, multiple disabilities, and a women’s shelter)
  • Elderly people (geriatric care)


Areas of Expertise

  • Social Care and Independent Living
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health and well-being
  • Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Person-centeredness and co-production
  • Quality of service
  • Quality of life


Social and rehabilitation services

19 Marie Homes in Denmark – user groups:

  • 7 Homes for elderly people (geriatric care)
  • 3 Homes for people with mental illnesses (including a Home for mentally and socially vulnerable youth)
  • 3 Homes for people with developmental disabilities (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders, visual impairment)
  • 2 Homes for dual diagnoses and crime
  • 2 Homes for people with acquired brain injuries
  • 1 Home for multiple disabled people (+18 years)
  • 1 Home for women in prostitution and drug and alcohol abuse


Areas of Excellence and Innovative Services

The Marie Homes pride themselves as an organisation:

  • where dreams are fulfilled,
  • where the distance from getting an idea to putting it into practice is very short
  • where the team is involved, respectfully engaged, and professionally ambitious in improving the quality of life of the people staying with us every day

where we would like to be cutting edge and innovative in all our professional activities – because (as our slogan goes) ‘everybody deserves a good life’.



Mariehjemmene Foundation
Virumgårdsvej 18
2830 Virum