General Info

The Social Integration State Agency (SIVA)
Country: Latvia
Name of EPR Director: Ilona Jursevska
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Katrina Sevruka,


Mission & Vision

To promote clients work ability, self-sufficiency and independence by providing professional and targeted services in a safe environment. Quality of life for everyone!

SIVA’s activities include vocational and social rehabilitation.

In the field of professional rehabilitation, we carry out a set of activities that ensure the acquisition of a new profession, professional knowledge or skills, according to persons functional abilities and skills and basic, previous or professional education.

In social rehabilitation, we provide a set of activities that ensure the recovery of social status and inclusion in to society by restoring or improving social functioning capacity.


Target group(s)

Social rehabilitation – Persons with functional disorders at working age (15 to 62), persons who have been politically repressed, persons who have suffered from Chernobly disaster, National Armed Forces and their relatives, persons after medical rehabilitation (urgently).

Vocational rehabilitation – Persons with disabilities (primary people with severe disabilities and people with intellectual and mental disorders) at working age (15 to 62).


Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Social Care and Independent Living
  • Medical Rehabilitation


Social and rehabilitation services

  • Professional adequacy and job simulation tests
  • Training programmes
  • Psycho-social assistance
  • Providing assistance in placement and job finding
  • Driving lessons and car adaptation for people with disabilities
    • Consultations
    • Underwater massage
    • Medical treatment baths
    • Circular / Charcot showers
    • Pool
    • Exercises – aerobics, water aerobics etc
    • Therapeutic applications – mud, clay, paraffin, mountain wax
    • Massage
    • Physical Therapy
    • Sling Therapy
    • Salt Therapy
    • Steam Bath
    • Nordic Walking
    • Fitness hall etc.


Areas of excellence and innovative services

  • Vocational rehabilitation includes several professional training programs, psychosocial support, medical rehabilitation, accommodation, catering and purposeful leisure time.
  • Vocational rehabilitation in higher education level (College qualifications – Human resource manager, Accountant, Marketing and sales manager, Hotel service manager, Programmer, Computer systems and networks administrator).
  • Professional adequacy and job simulation tests (up to 10 days before educational programs).
  • Skills training programs for people with intellectual and mental disorders (35 skills training programs based in labour market needs).
  • Car adaption and driving school for persons with disabilities.
  • College qualification – Sign Language Interpreter (only one state funded program in Latvia).



The Social Integration State Agency (SIVA)
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