General Info

Theotokos Foundation
Country: Greece
Name of EPR Director: Papakonstantinou Yiannis
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Nektaria Sifaki,


Mission & Vision

Theotokos Foundation is a non-profit welfare organisation (private law entity). It was established in 1954 and it is supervised by the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Welfare.

Services are provided to children and young adults with intellectual developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorders, as well as to their families in order to ensure equal rights to life and to employment.

Theotokos aims to evolve into an exemplary assessment, education and rehabilitation organsation in Greece and Europe, and have a central and essential role in the creation of a world where persons with intellectual developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorders will have equal rights in life and work.

To continuously improve and to use innovative approaches is part of our mission, through continually adapting specialised programs, in order to prepare children and young adults with intellectual developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorders so that they can live, work and participate in everyday life.


Target group(s)

  • Special education and therapy services are provided to preschool children aged 2,5 – 5 years (early intervention) and to teenagers aged 14 – 20  years with developmental delays, developmental intellectual disorders and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Vocational training and rehabilitation are provided to young adults aged 20 – 35 years. Family environments are supported and intervention is implemented when necessary.


Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Social Care and Independent Living
  • Mental Health and well-being
  • Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Person-centredness and co-production
  • Organisational performance
  • Quality of Life
  • Quality of service
  • Digital Welfare File
  • Digital ICF-based assessment and individual plan


Social and rehabilitation services

  • Employment services
  • Education and Training services
  • Social care
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Other (please specify) Early Intervention


Areas of excellence and innovative services

  • Early Intervention Program and its link to the local kindergartens
  • The use of ICF-CY (International Classification of Functioning)
  • The Service of Supported Employment: Assessment and On-the-job training
  • Serious games



Theotokos Foundation
Theotokou 2
Ilion Attikis
131 22 Athens