Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU

This January and for a period of six months till June, Portugal starts its presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Presidency of the Council of the EU is a rotating presidency – it changes every six months.

After the German presidency, it is now the turn for Portugal. The Portuguese presidency kicked off with a meeting where the key priorities were highlighted: economic recovery in the EU based on digital and climate transitions; and the Action Plan of the European Pillar of Social Rights. In addition, investments in training, qualifications and innovation will be promoted. 

The program of the Portuguese Presidency has five main areas:

  • ‘strengthen Europe’s resilience’
  • ‘promote confidence in the European social model’
  • ‘promote a sustainable recovery’
  • ‘speed up a fair and inclusive digital transition’
  • ‘reaffirm the EU’s role in the world, ensuring that this is based on openness and multilateralism’

One of the priorities of the Portuguese presidency is to bring the EU through the pandemic.

More information and detail about the Portuguese presidency can be found at the Council website here.