Resources on Mental Health and Well-Being

What is mental well-being? What are the key factors influencing mental well-being?

EPR, in collaboration with Tom O’Brien, EPR senior expert in mental health services, has developed an e-learning module on “Mental well-being”.

This video addresses, in a clear and comprehensive manner, what are the main causes and consequences of having a good or bad mental health. Aimed to raise awareness about the reality people with mental health challenges face, it helps reaching out to a large audience and within them, interested professionals and service users.

This material is part of a series of general e-learning modules created by EPR on several topics. In 2014, EPR published its first e-learning module on the theme ‘Quality of social services’.

A selection of related literature complements the audiovisual material and helps giving a good overview on the main issues and different perspectives that can be taken into account when addressing mental well-being.

Download the Video Script