Time 2 Outdoor Project: Highlights of the year

The project commenced online with a two-day online meeting on the 7th and 8th of February. During the kickoff, partners discussed the project’s objectives, identified the target group, and allocated specific roles and tasks. Each partner committed to collecting games and outdoor activities from their respective countries that would be suitable for children with autism. The meeting also established a timeline for activities and events, and the final session was dedicated to planning internal and external communication strategies.

On the 10th and 11th of May, project partners met in Bucharest to monitor the project’s progress and set future deadlines. They reviewed and provided feedback on the curriculum, which included instructions for games and outdoor activities tailored for children with autism. The partners also showcased and tested some of the collected games. Additionally, they observed two classes where inclusive games were played, involving children with autism. A visit to an educational center managed by a martial arts coach was also organised, showcasing a specific methodology called “3C” for teaching physical exercises to children with autism, involving parental participation.

The second transnational project meeting was held on the 21st and 22nd of September in Brussels. The partners discussed the progress of pilot activities conducted by Sanliurfa Genclik ve Spor Il Mudurlugu and the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR). The meeting also covered the organisation of upcoming multiplier events scheduled for the European Sports Week and the International Day of People with Disabilities. Communications and dissemination activities, including materials and social media updates, were also discussed. Finally, plans for the final transnational project meeting in Sanliurfa, Turkey, were outlined.

Lastly, on the 9th and 10th of November, the project partners met in Sanliurfa, Turkey, to review the project’s progress and plan its next steps. A presentation introducing the project was delivered to professionals and trainers from the Sports Ministry of Sanliurfa. Significant changes were made, including shifting the responsibility for pilot activities from EPR to the Romanian partner, ARPA, due to resource constraints. This change extended the project timeline by six months. To celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities partners organised dissemination events in their respective countries to disseminate the project. Fundación INTRAS also contributed by promoting the project to potential Spanish schools interested in its outcomes.

This year has been marked by significant progress and adaptation, ensuring the project’s objectives are met despite challenges. The collaborative efforts of all partners have laid a strong foundation for the project’s success, aiming to enhance the participation of children with autism in sports and outdoor activities across Europe.