WHO launches a new resource for strengthening rehabilitation worldwide 

The World Health Organisation has launched a tool named Rehabilitation in health systems: A guide for action that intends to ‘help countries improve the availability, affordability, accessibility and quality of rehabilitation services’. Rehabilitation is considered key in the Sustainable Development Goals, included under Goal 3 on ‘ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’. The WHO stresses that at present there is a ‘ever-increasing need for rehabilitation largely unmet’ especially in countries with low or medium income due to people living older and an increased number of noncommunicable diseases. 

In 2030 the Second Global Rehabilitation Meeting will take place. For the date, the WHO has launched Rehabilitation 2030: Call for Action to coordinate action to improve rehabilitation management and investment, building high-quality rehabilitation and services and enhancing data collection on rehabilitation. Disparities between countries are still quite high when it comes to provision of rehabilitation services. There is an important lack of trained professionals with less than 10 skilled professionals per 1 million people and high challenges to access those services out of urban areas. In total, less than 50% of the people in need of rehabilitation services receive them. 

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