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online 31 May (9.00 am - 1.00 pm CET)

Impact Evaluation & Assessment in Projects

How many times you had to implement and execute a project that you did not believe in? A project that was based on useless and ineffective actions and activities? A project that was not in line with the strategic goals of your organisation?

Most of times, this happens when the project was designed on the basis of actions and activities that are not questioned in their reasons and are included in the project only to replicate a pattern of usual “things to do”, basing the project’s structure on a blunt and unquestioned what (what you do) and completely overlooking the why (why you do).

In this half-day training workshop, we will learn how to focus on why first as a way to write proposals and execute projects that have a deep meaning for us and for the involved organisations and that design and create compelling, effective and innovative activities. We will do this by focusing on impact evaluation & assessment, starting from the assumptions of the Theory of Change and introducing concepts and tools that will help you design your impact assessment strategy, such as: outcomes, outputs, qualitative and quantitative indicators and the impact table.

The objectives of the training workshop are:

  • Help participants rethink their project design process, by replacing the what with the why of their initiatives.
  • Understand how to define a project’s realistic and coherent impact, always keeping a balance between ambitions and possibilities.
  • Create a strategy ensuring that impact is constantly assessed and evaluated, both at proposal and project levels.

The training workshop is addressed to those professionals and organisations that want to make sure that their proposals are really in line with their ambitions, needs, expectations, interests and possibilities and have real chances to get funded.

The training workshop will be virtual and its methodology will be aimed to:

  • Stimulate the creativity of participants allowing interaction between themselves and between them and the trainers.
  • Support on the use of practical tools for the development of impact assessment and evaluation strategies.
  • Provide individual and tailored support to each participants with one-to-one 45 minutes follow-up calls after the workshop.



EPR members based in:

FR, NL, E, DE, BE, ITA, UK, NOR, FIN, IRE, CZ: 75€
SL, LT, PT, EST: 60€
EL, LV: 45 €

Non-EPR members based in:

FR, NL, E, DE, BE, ITA, UK, NOR, FIN, IRE, CZ, SL, LT, PT, EST: 120€
EL, LV: 80€

Registrations close on May 24.

For any info: rzanon@epr.eu

This event receives financial support from the European Union, from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). For further information please consult: http://ec.europa.eu/social/easi

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