The Workshop for Directors is an annual event that brings in an outside expert to provide an interactive training session for directors and key staff. The topic relates to management, leadership or organisational development and participants have the opportunity to apply theories to their own contexts, making a concrete impact on their organisation. Each year this event is organised in partnership with one EPR member and it is free of charges for all members. Participation is restricted to 2 people for full members and 1 person for associate members.

Our last Workshop for Directors took place in September 2017 in Milan, Italy. It was dedicated to build on EPR’s strategic meeting held in February 2017, focusing on developing EPR’s future strategy. In 2016, we met in Copenhagen and our Workshop for Directors was dedicated to anticipating and engaging with future trends. In 2015, we met in The Netherlands to look into how to promote our services and products in a changing market.

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