B-WISE project partners present the first project report on current trends and skills needs in WISEs, with a focus on digital skills

On 18th November, the B-WISE project partners presented their first project report on the “Current situation of skills gaps, especially in the digital area, in the WISEs sector”. The B-WISE project aims to develop a European strategy to address the skills needed in WISEs, in particular regarding digital skills, in order to empower their work and tackle the digitalisation challenges they face. 

The first project report draws information from 27 country fiches, face-to-face interviews and an online survey carried out in the partner countries, and it analyses the main drivers, features, integration models and development trends of WISEs in the EU. It also examines skills needs and gaps of WISEs’ workers (in terms of both technical and soft skills), focusing in particular on the digital skills needed to support the digitisation of the sector.

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