Building a strong social Europe for just transitions

The European Commission presented in January a Communication to ensure Europe is strong socially to face the coming transitions. At a time of demographical, climate and social challenges, the new EC stresses the importance of strong social policies at EU level to confront upcoming transitions. To do so, the Commission has already started consultations with social partners, trade unions and business on upcoming policy measures such as the fair minimum wage scheme.

The European Pillar of Social Rights will keep playing a crucial role in social policy developments at EU level under the new EC. To make sure the EU delivers, an Action Plan for the Pillar will be put in place as of 2021, the EC recently confirmed. At present, previously mentioned consultations will feed into the elaboration of this Action Plan that will be, once elaborated, submitted for high level endorsement.

Planned initiatives under the new EC that will contribute to put in practice the Pillar will be: fair minimum wages for workers in the EU; a European Gender Equality Strategy and binding pay transparency measures; an updated Skills Agenda for Europe; An updated Youth Guarantee; Platform Work Summit; a green paper on ageing; a new strategy for persons with disabilities; a Demography Report; a European Unemployment Re-insurance Scheme and facing climate change.

 >> Read the European Commission Communication in all EU languages here.