Call for tender – study on quality in social services

EPR is looking for a Researcher/Research team to research quality regulations, systems and trends in Europe, building on research carried out in 2019.

Main elements of work

Gather and analyse information on regulations, quality requirements and trends in quality of social services in 8 countries, focusing on vocational rehabilitation, and produce a comparative analysis, building on the research and analysis of the 2019 study.

Task description

  1. Drawing from the questionnaire and topics covered by the research in 2019, develop an interview template and arrange and carry out interviews with key stakeholders on the above topic in 8 countries. The research should also incorporate stakeholders’ knowledge and understanding of the European Pillar of Social Rights as it relates to quality services.
  2. Conduct desk research into quality requirements and initiatives in the respective countries to complement the primary research
  3. Write 8 country case studies based on the above research
  4. Provide a short synthetic overview and analysis of the results, building on the analysis of the 2019 research previously referenced
  5. Work with the EPR Secretariat to develop conclusions and recommendations

Deadline for submissions: 31/08/20; 23:59 CET

For more information see the call for tender here.