e-Learning module on Mental Health and Co-production

In our mutual learning spirit and thanks to the free online platform, Teachable, we have developed an e-Learning module on Mental Health and Co-production with the support and participation of colleagues from partner organisations Eurodiaconia, Mental Health Europe and the European Disability Forum.

What is mental health? What is co-production? What is a co-production approach to mental health?

This are some of the questions you can learn more about in our online course free of charge. A selection of related literature complements the audiovisual material and helps giving a good overview on the main issues and different perspectives that can be taken when looking at mental health with a co-production approach.

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This material is part of a series of general e-learning modules created by EPR on several topics. In 2014, EPR published its first e-learning module on the theme ‘Quality of social services’. They have all been funded thanks to the EU EaSI programme.