Workshop Training Activities Teaser

Online (Teams) 14 December 2023, 15.00 CET

On 14th December, 15.00 CET, EPR will host an online workshop tailored for members to explore options for joint training activities in 2024 with a focus on building inclusive organisations, person-centred planning and co-production.

We invited experts who will bring along materials and methods designed to facilitate surveys on what is needed to build up an inclusive organisation, mentor cafés as learning places for supporters of the employment of people with disabilities, training to foster the mindset on inclusive organisations, and services for supporting employers in the transition towards inclusive entrepreneurship.

This teaser workshop will provide insights into the materials and methods, and we will together explore preparations for in-person trainings in 2024, including information on EU funding available to co-finance the participation.

Interested? Then register below and join the training activities teaser workshop online. Agenda will be available soon!

This meeting is open to EPR members only.


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Eberhard Lueder,