DUB-IN Project: Charting new directions on Social Skills Training for People with Psychosocial Disabilities

Mundo Madou, Avenue des Arts 8, 1210 Brussels, hosted by EPR 18 March 2024, 14.00 - 16.30 CET

DUB-IN Project: The transformative Power of my Voice

About DUB-IN

DUB-IN is an Erasmus+ funded project specifically designed for people with psychosocial disabilities, particularly those experiencing severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia. DUB-IN provides an innovative training course centered around film dubbing techniques. This program aims to improve the social and interpersonal skills of people with psychosocial disabilities through daily practice on cinematic scenes portraying situations that may be challenging for them.

The project not only looks for an improved way to deliver social skills training in terms of effectiveness and applicability but also provides trainers, practitioners, researchers and designers with new prospers and approaches to address the emergency of improving social functioning of people with psychosocial disability that service providers can try instead.

Multiplier Event: Charting new directions on Social Skills Training for People with Psychosocial Disabilities

On March 18, from, DUB-IN project partners will present the project results implemented in Spain, Greece, Austria, and Ireland, showcasing their learnings and demonstrate how the art of dubbing can significantly enhance the communication skills of people with psychosocial disabilities

Project results:

  1. Online Training Service:
    • The Dubbing Director Curriculum: A comprehensive guide for trainers to seamlessly implement the DUB-IN training model;
    • The Mayor Player Programme: An online tool empowering trainees to practice dubbing using cinematic scenes;
    • The Workbook: e-book with additional learning materials and exercises for trainees.
  2. DUB-IN App: Empowering trainees to independently practice dubbing, consistently improving social skills for real-world applications.


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