Training online: New Authority – Back to the basics when confronted with a difficult situation

Online 16 June, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

New authority

Just like today’s parents, teachers, schools, Vet trainers and job coaches are very much conscious of the loss of authority in the educational and social system. The traditional authority has been severely eroded, yet in today’s social environment it is neither desirable nor possible to recapture the authority of the past. In traditional society children did what teachers told them to do. By definition, teachers had unquestionable authority. The authoritative, distant often punitive teacher of yesteryear was replaced by a kinder, understanding and more supportive teacher. Today we are at a crossroads; the more liberal approach to education has proven unsatisfactory and only a partial answer to children’s needs, while the authoritarian approach is no longer valid in a world characterized by greater transparency and a more critical relationship to authority.

We’re seeking answers to this dilemma by defining a New Authority (a concept and approach developed by prof. Dr Haim Omer and Idan Amiel).

This New Authority is based on 5 principles that are simple and easy to apply:

  • self-control: remain calm in a critical situation, forge the iron when it’s cold;
  • presence: be as near as you can be, always show your involvement;
  • empowerment: we need to become more powerful when guiding and counseling;
  • net support: try to support colleagues, it takes a village to raise a child;
  • transparency: we need open communication; we can’t keep secrets.


Who is this training designed for?

  • Job coaches working in the field of employment of people with disabilities
  • Labour market inclusion professionals
  • Managers of vocational rehabilitation centers
  • Especially when:
    • you are sometimes confronted with behavioral problems
    • losing your motivation
    • you’re seeking a new approach


Webinar objectives

The participants learn immediately applicable techniques and interventions that create perspective when their work is difficult.

All the interventions are based on New Authority as a theoretical guideline.

Participants will learn more about:

  • the use of silence as a powerful tool
  • the bookmark as a way to remain in self control
  • the announcement as an intervention when authority is put to the test
  • the theoretical outlines
  • net support, building bridges instead of declaring war


The trainer:

Kristof Das works as a teacher and trainer in an advanced bachelor degree in special needs education at UCLL (University college Leuven Limburg). He conducts research about behavioral problems and he often goes to work in schools to give training on new authority. He’s involved in different national and international projects that are aiming to reduce early school leaving and NEET’s.

He’s a member of the workgroup ‘well-being and bullying’, part of The Flemish Education Council, the official advisory body on the education and training policy of the Flemish Community.



Training fee:

EPR members: 30 euros

Non-EPR members: 35 euros

“Start to can” project partners: the training is for free


This event receives financial support from the European Union, from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). For further information please consult:

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