QOLIVET Project: European Dissemination Event

EESC - VMA building: Rue Van Maerlant 2, Meeting room: VMA3 - Belgium, Brussels 11 October 2022, 9.00 - 12.30 CET


VET and Community Care services involve thousands of people with disabilities in Europe. The impact that VET have on the QOL (Quality of Life) of People with Disabilities is crucial and has to be taken into consideration as a key element when addressing this issue. However, this analysis does not find space in the activities of the VET and Community Care providers, thus reducing their positive impact on QOL with Disabilities.

QOLIVET is an Erasmus + funded project that started in November 2020 and will end in April 2023. It is aimed at improving the quality of vocational education and training (VET) and community care provision across Europe and raising its impact on the Quality of Life (QOL) of participants.

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European Dissemination Event

The first dissemination event of QOLIVET project, organized by EPR in partnership with the EESC, aims at having an international dimension and took place in Brussels on the 11th October 2022. The event had these main objectives:

  1. Promote the Good Practices guidelines
  2. Promote the Online Training Course
  3. Raise awareness on the concept of Quality of Life of People with disabilities
  4. Raise awareness on the importance of quality provision in VET and CC services
  5. Encourage networking among stakeholders.

The event included:

  • An overview of the project and of its methodology;
  • A session presenting the Good Practices guidelines, their development and information on how to best use them;
  • A session presenting the Online Training Course, its development and information on how to best use it;
  • A session to collect feedback from participants and stakeholders;
  • A session to discuss the topic of QOL and its characteristics.

The event was designed so that participants could hear from a practical perspective and discuss how they can use the Good Practices Guidelines and the Online Training Course in their interventions. The event also facilitated networking among the participants so that they may form an informal support network after the project.

The conference was not only served for promoting the outputs to potential users but also to relevant European umbrella organizations and associations within the sector in order to benefit from the great dissemination potential of the latter. Policy makers were invited as well, to guarantee impact also on policy at EU level. The event aimed to attract representatives of VET and Community Care, service providers, Europe-wide associations and networks, etc

Info & Contacts

For any info please contact:

Roberto Zanon, Senior Project & Policy officer at EPR, QOLIVET Coordinator: rzanon@epr.eu
Benedetta Pesce, Junior Project & Events Officer at EPR: bpesce@epr.eu






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