EPR Taskforce Digital Transformation: Teaching and Learning Online

Online 7th June 2021

In 2020 EPR created task forces addressing issues important for members linked to the impact of COVID19 on their work as fora for exchange and mutual learning. One meeting focused on a general sharing of experiences on online teaching and training. As the topic remained of interest it features in the 2021 work programme as part of the Digital Transformation group of Task Forces. On 12 April we organised a workshop on implementing sustainable digital transformation at organisational level, and one of the main topics of interest in that meeting was also how to ensure high quality, engaging online and hybrid learning experiences.

This task force group will bring together members to share and learn from each other how they have (partly) shifted to digital learning and teaching and what their experiences have been, with the students, for their staff and for their organisation. Participants will also look into the impact of online learning and teaching compared to in-person settings and how they have measured and assessed them. They will exchange on the main remaining challenges and how they could be addressed. At the end of this meeting participants will identify common elements, learning and recommendations. They will also identify topics for future meetings. If there is interest in working on this topic beyond 2021, the group could become a working group.

This meeting is aimed at and would be of particular interest to professionals involved in designing and implementing online teaching and training courses, seminars and programmes. All participants are encouraged to consider the questions in the agenda below in order to have a useful exchange, and are also invited to make a presentation.

The link to join the meeting will be sent to registered participants a few days before the meeting.

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Mathias Maucher