Workshop for Directors 2019 – General Assembly

Theotokos, Theotokou 2, Ilion Attikis, 131 22, Athens, Greece 10-11 October

Dealing with Complex Changing Environments to Ensure Quality Service Provision

In October 2019, EPR gathered Directors from our Member Organisations in Athens, hosted by our Greek member Theotokos. The aim of the workshop was for the organisations to learn from an expert and apply methodologies to their own organisation, in addition to promoting networking among directors and managers to create good practice exchange.

This specific workshop addressed how to engage staff and lead them to be able to thrive in providing quality services in a changing, challenging environment. The trainer led participants in examining methods supporting incremental change, adapting to change and leading for change.

The event took place for the whole day on October 10 and part of the morning on October 11. A General Assembly was also held on the 11th, and there was a social dinner on the evening of the 10th October at the restaurant Agora Select, near the hotel.

The Workshop for Directors is an annual event that brings in an outside expert to provide an interactive training session for directors and key staff. The topic relates to management, leadership or organisational development and participants have the opportunity to apply theories to their own contexts, making a concrete impact on their organisation. Each year this event is organised in partnership with one EPR member.

This meeting was for EPR members and invited guests only. Registration is now closed.

The agenda outline and practical information can be found in the programme below, as well as the link to register.

Learn more about Theotokos here.

This event receives financial support from the European Union, from the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). For further information please consult:

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