Highlights of the Year: VOLT Project on Digital Skills and Video Learning

On March 21st and 22nd, VOLT project partners (Mariaberg, Theotokos Foundation, Rehab Group, INTRAS Foundation, and EPR) gathered for the Third Transnational Project Meeting in Mariaberg and Reutlingen, Germany. During this meeting, partners reviewed the results of the LTTA training in Valladolid and received feedback from Theotokos Foundation and Mariaberg on the VOLT Pioneers training delivered within their organisations; discussed the results of the VOLT Guide; and presented the first draft of the VOLT Website. After the TPM, partners prepared a learner’s questionnaire to circulate both in paper format and online to establish a baseline, define training objectives, and later assess their achievement.

On October 18th, VOLT Project Partners held the online event “Empowering Digital Collaboration and Innovation in Education through Video Learning” to officially launch the VOLT Website. The event attracted key stakeholders, professionals from the education and vocational training sectors, and students, emphasizing the increasing importance of digital skills and video-based learning in education. Irene Bellomo, representing the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), delivered a keynote address, underscoring the need for upskilling digital skills in vocational education and training (VET) and its transformative potential.

The event featured inspiring testimonies from students of the Rehab Group and Theotokos Foundation, who shared their experiences and insights gained from participating in the co-produced videos. Project partners demonstrated the website, including the video platform and co-produced videos, showcasing the collaborative efforts and innovative approaches aimed at enhancing digital skills in education.

This year, the VOLT project made significant strides in promoting digital skills and video learning, with successful meetings, comprehensive feedback sessions, and the launch of an impactful website platform. The collaborative efforts of all partners have been pivotal in driving the project’s objectives forward, ultimately contributing to the digital transformation of vocational and educational training services.