Improving the quality of traineeships: European Commission launches consultations of social partners

The European Commission is pushing forward with efforts to enhance the quality of traineeships, entering the second phase of consultation with social partners. The initial phase, which concluded on September 15, garnered input from 13 European social partners, revealing the need for further EU action to improve the existing framework. The current framework encompasses 21 principles designed to ensure high-quality traineeships, including the provision of written agreements, clear learning objectives, and transparent information on remuneration and social protection. While the Commission’s evaluation of the EU Quality Framework for Traineeships recognized its positive impact, it also identified room for improvement in applying, monitoring, and enforcing quality principles. The ongoing second-phase consultation, open until November 9, is now seeking the perspectives of European trade unions and employers on potential EU actions related to traineeships, with a focus on quality, fair remuneration, and accessibility across the EU. This initiative aligns with a European Parliament resolution to revise the framework under Article 225 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). As part of President von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines, the Commission is committed to responding to such resolutions with a legislative proposal, in compliance with proportionality, subsidiarity, and better law-making principles. The forthcoming initiative also connects with the Conference on the Future of Europe and contributes significantly to the European Year of Skills. The next steps include social partners’ potential negotiations to reach an agreement as indicated in the Commission Work Programme for 2023.

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