We want to contribute to the creation of adequate conditions, in qualitative and quantitative terms, for the widest possible access of vulnerable people to educational, social, economic, health, culture, sports and leisure activities, including online.


Our objectives are in line with the Association’s goal: to create an infrastructure that facilitates the social and labor market integration of people in a vulnerable situation and especially people with disabilities, thus contributing to improving their quality of life. This infrastructure consists of tools, services, logistics, partnerships, networks and especially a team of members, volunteers and employees who share the same values ​​and commitment to the proposed goal.

Accessibility and adaptation

We support and promote universal access to built space, virtual space and services and carry out concrete actions that contribute to creating a more inclusive environment.

Inclusive training

We learn continuously and we teach others how to contribute to a better social integration of people with disabilities

Partnerships for inclusion

We join with openness, enthusiasm and responsibility in any national and international initiative that aims and contributes to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.