General Info                         

Country: Spain
Name of EPR Director: María Teresa Albaje; Sergio Lacamara
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Ines Dominguez,

Mission & Vision

Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid (FRRA) is a non-profit organisation created in 1991 to attend the needs of people with mental health issues. After 29 years of experience, the FRRA organisation has grown and increased its social presence, working with other collectives (the elderly, migrants, young people in difficulty, etc.). The common denominator is vulnerability and social exclusion. They work for social and labour integration of groups at risk of exclusion developing different actions: training, awareness, leisure activities, etc.

In order to attain the above mentioned goals, FRRA has established diverse agreements with official bodies and private institutions to develop assistance, prevention, rehabilitation, socio-professional integration and training activities.

Our mission: to develop activities for the attention, care and integration of vulnerable people.

Our vision: to be a reference in design and provision of innovative programs and services to encourage the inclusion of vulnerable people.

Target group(s)

  • People with mental health issues
  • The elderly
  • Youngsters (NEETs, young people with special needs…)
  • Adults

In general, people with disability and people at risk of social exclusion.

Areas of Expertise

  • Employment
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Social Inclusion and Independent Living
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Mental health and Well-being
  • Person Centredness
  • Organisational Performance
  • Quality of Life and Quality of Services.

Areas of excellence and innovative services

Person Centredness

FRRA has the aim of offering comprehensive and individualised care to users, based on the person centredness care model, taking into account the changing needs of people.

This model involves all the management areas of the centers, from the manager to each of the professionals, who are specifically trained in this system in order to be able to apply the individualized care plan. Thus, the entire team of the center works in the same direction and is involved from the first day guided by the main values ​​of good treatment of people: respect, ethics, tolerance, recognition and empathy.

Professionals who work according to this model feel more motivated in their workplace, dignify and qualify their healthcare work and reinforce correct professional attitudes and good practices.

Specialised care for Alzheimer and other dementias

In 2020, FRRA will open a new senior residence. It will be specialised in the care and attention of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The distribution of spaces, design and infrastructures, as well as the team of professionals that will form the new staff, will compose a reference resource in quality and service for the elderly in Aragon.

In addition, the construction of the building is guided by the passive house concept, a low energy consumption model motivated by the use of closing materials of excellent thermal quality, as well as the use of internal heat sources and the optimisation of the systems of ventilation. This makes it more sustainable and efficient, reducing energy and consumption costs.

Multi-activity space (training, employment, inclusion)

Multi-activity space. Multi-capacity. The store (*nave industrial* in Spanish) as a differentiating space: technology, methodology…encompasses training and employment opportunities. Coexistence of different people with different capacities and from different insertion formulas (courses, Dual training – Workshop, pre -employment workshops, protected employment, employment in ordinary company …).

Through the multi-activity space, it allows a complete journey around the person, from the multiple point of view of training, complemented by internship in the workplace and finally through the employment agency.

Social enterprises (e.g. Laundry service): powerful investment in machinery and work methodology, added value R + D + I.

FRRA- Emprey (Social Enterprises) is aimed at working within the circular economy. To do so, FRRA is currently looking for alternatives and collaborators.

EU projects

EU projects: At European level, FRRA has more than 20 years of experience in management of European co-funded by European programs such as: Horizon, Equal, Pegasus, Acre, Smart, Leonardo, Grundtvig, Youth in Action, Erasmus +, Creative Europe, etc.

In addition, FRRA has developed cooperation actions with organisations from Dominican Republic and Senegal in the field of mental health.


Fundación Rey Ardid

C/ Guillén de Castro 2-4

50018 Zaragoza