General Info

GTB Flanders vzw
Country: Belgium
Name of EPR Director: Luc Henau
Name of EPR Centre Coordinator: Patrick Ruppol,


Mission & Vision

GTB is the specialised service provision and counselling service for people with work disabilities or health problems. GTB promotes job integration into the labor market, empowering persons with special needs and supporting companies to employ persons with special needs.

We guide people to a suitable job and support them to retain their jobs. First of all, we are looking for paid work. If that is not feasible, we are looking forward to a suitable alternative. Also during the employment, both the employee and the employer can get advice and support.

We help people in discovering their skills and talents and how to use or develop them further.

GTB is a network-organisation that works together with job coaches, trainers, employers and certainly the client and their personal network.


Target group(s)

  • People with disabilities or health-problems who would like to work.


Social and Rehabilitation Services

Social and Rehabilitation services are not provided by GTB, financed by the Labour Department of the government.  If the person needs support in rehabilitation, GTB sets up tailor-made collaboration with the health/welfare sector, always with the focus to gain employment for persons willing to have a job.


Areas of Expertise

  • Set up collaboration with employers to create, craft, design jobs
  • Try to get out the best talents for each person willing to have a job
  • Identify the needs in terms of compensation, the loss of tenement
  • Work together as organisations



GTB Flanders vzw
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