Mental health in the eye of the COVID-19 hurricane

EPR has joined 10 partner organisations in a statement to bring attention to the impact this pandemic can have in mental health.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an enormous impact on mental health and well-being worldwide. During the pandemic, people become more at risk of experiencing, directly or indirectly, confusion, frustration, anxiety, and fear , sometimes combined with a lack of access to and continuity of care and adequate support for pre-existing ill-mental or physical health conditions. This might lead to the development of harmful coping strategies (such as alcohol or substance abuse, unhealthy dietary patterns and sedentary lifestyles, self-harming behaviour – including suicides, gambling, etc.). Fear and mis- or disinformation also increase the risk of scapegoating and stigmatisation of ethnical or religious groups or of certain professions.

Read the complete statement here.