INSITE – Innovation Supporting Inclusive Transitions in Europe

EPR has a four-year Framework Partnership Agreement from 2022 with the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion under the European Social Fund Programme for 2021-2028. This FPA annually funds many EPR activities for members.

For 2023, EPR will harness its members’ expertise to increase the network’s contribution to social policy with a focus on people with a disability, and build EPR’s reputation as a key partner for EU institutions. EPR will mainstream policy issues in all activities for understanding and effective implementation of the EPSR and related initiatives. EPR’s working groups will exchange good practices, develop resources and recommendations to feed into the advocacy work. EPR will develop new partnerships and deepen existing ones, including the EaSI funded NGOs in Social Services Europe, for a stronger voice in policy development.

National Awareness Raising Events on will engage a wide range of stakeholders in discussing policy and practice. The flagship Annual Conference will feature policy, good practice, external and internal experts, training and networking. EPR Task Force on pathways to employment will develop in-depth policy analysis. Study visits facilitate in-depth mutual learning and recommendations. An environmental strategy for EPR and members will be developed and implemented.

EPR’s communications activities will grow, for a greater reach. EPR’s newsbulletins will be more engaging, new policy briefings developed and its searchable knowledge hub deepened, supported by a communications network. EPR’s financial sustainability will be improved through diversification and innovation supported through capacity building on EU funding through training, mutual learning and information.

EPR will engage its members more in the network’s activities and governance structures, improving its functioning and responsiveness. Members’ needs and interests will be better taken into account and they’ll grow in understanding of EU initiatives, EU funding and innovation in services. Activities will take place in-person, online and hybrid modes to maximise engagement and cost efficiency.

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