Time 2 Outdoor

The project

Time 2 Outdoor (T2O) is a project which aims to increase participation in sports and physical activities among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Children on the Autism Spectrum have noticeable differences from others in how they talk, behave, and learn. Also, different types and extent of motor impairments jeopardize the inclusion of these children in sports and physical activities causing limited social interactions, integration, and development of soft and hard skills. During the pandemic and the lockdowns, deepened this phenomenon since children with fewer opportunities remained more inactive at home and they did not follow their specialized education, nor performed physical activities. Inactive life conditions and low levels of physical activity  have negative effects on the quality of life, health, and well-being of children and adults.


To address these issues, scholars and specialists will work to develop a comprehensive toolkit of an educational curriculum, healthy nutritional strategies, and an educational curriculum; there will be outdoor activities compatible with children with fewer opportunities to support motor development, with a focus on children aged 8-10.


The project is led by Sanliurfa Genclik ve Spor Il Mudurlugu (Turkey) in partnership with EPR (Belgium) and Asociatia Romana de Psihopedagogie Aplicata (Romania)


Benedetta Pesce, Project and Events Officer at EPR: bpesce@epr.eu