QOLIVET Project’s final highlights!

The QOLIVET project is an Erasmus + funded project aimed at enhancing the impact of Community Care (CC) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) services across Europe on the quality of life (QoL) of the persons with disabilities they serve and providing participants and staff with a way to contribute to the continuous improvement of interventions and supports. It concluded on October 31st. Here’s what was implemented in 2023: 

  • Online training course on quality of life of people with disabilities: the content of all modules and their structure were developed and included in the QOLISERV online platform.
  • Development of the Quality Impact Assessment Tool (QIAT): this online tool can gather the perceptions of both staff and participants about the extent to which a service impacts positively on QoL. The tool was tested by the partners and translated into partners’ languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Slovenian).
  • A 3-day training session took place in Slovenia with the participation of 15 people.
  • A transnational project meeting was held in Slovenia with the participation of all partners.
  • Three national dissemination events were carried out in Spain, Slovenia, and Portugal.
  • A finale conference titled “Unlocking New Horizons: Enhancing Quality of Life Through Vocational Education, Training, and Community Care” was held on October 18th. The final event had a hybrid format and was hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee. 

In December, the final project report was submitted to the funding agency (Erasmus Plus Agency in Flanders). The www.qoliserv.eu platform is now online and completed.