Enhancing the Quality of Life Impact of inclusive Vocational Education and Training and Community Care

The project

QOLIVET is an Erasmus + funded project aimed to improve the quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Community Care provision across Europe and raising its impact on the Quality of Life (QOL) of students and end-users.


VET and Community Care services involve thousands of people with disabilities in Europe. The impact that VET have on the QOL of People with Disabilities is crucial and has to be taken into consideration as a key element when addressing this issue.

However, this analysis does not find space in the activities of the VET and Community Care providers, thus reducing their positive impact on QOL with Disabilities. This main problem is generated by 3 main factors:

  1. The concept of QOL and the indicators to measure it change fast and measurement tools get outdated soon.
  2. Professional skills and tools of VET and Community Care providers’ workers on the topic of QOL are often incomplete and often don’t take into consideration the input of PWD themselves.
  3. The impact of VET and CC provision on QOL with Disabilities is difficult to measure.

Objectives and results

  • Better QOL of People with Disabilities;
  • Tools and competences updated frequently and keep up with QOL constantly changing topic;
  • Tools innovation and professional skills are supported and take into consideration the input of People with Disabilities;
  • The impact of VET and Community Care on QOL of People with Disabilities is easier to measure.

Our target group

People with Disabilities, specifically the ones that benefit from VET and Community Care provision for People with Disabilities regardless of their ability, gender, age, cultural level, etc.


  • Research and Analysis at national and EU level;
  • Good Practices Guidelines production: leading to the development of Good Practices on VET and Community Care service provision;
  • Online Training Course on QOL Impact of inclusive VET and Community Care;
  • Online QOL Portal development;
  • QOL Impact Assessment Tool development.

Impacts and long-term benefits

  • Improved professional competences of participants and project partners;
  • Improved quality and effectiveness on VET and CC intervention at EU level;
  • Better support to People with Disabilities social inclusion, impacting directly on People with Disabilities families, Volunteers and Community associations, etc.;
  • Better Community Care provision, impacting on the community texture in general, reinforcing the role and contribution that People with Disabilities can give;
  • Greater contribution of People with Disabilities in society, enhanced labour inclusion and economic self-sufficiency, decreased discrimination against them;
  • Reduction of social exclusion in a particularly fragile category and at risk of becoming NEET;
  • Increased mutual understanding between community and PWD, helping improve general attitude towards socially less integrated categories, not just People with Disabilities:
  • At policy level, increased knowledge of decision makers and support the introduction of better policies the field of QOL for People with Disabilities.


The project partnership, made of 7 organizations from 6 Countries, is led by EPR.

Project’s partners:

Project materials

  • Good practices Guidelines
  • Summary Synthesis Report


Roberto Zanon, Senior Project & Policy officer at EPR: rzanon@epr.eu, Benedetta Pesce, Project & Administration assistant at EPR: bpesce@epr.eu

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