The Autherapies Project its Online Database of Evidence-Based Therapies

The Autherapies project has launched its new online database, a significant milestone that marks the culmination of the project’s second work package. This database is designed to be a comprehensive and user-friendly resource, consolidating extensive information on evidence-based therapies into an organized and easily accessible format.

The online database is structured to provide users with a clear and concise overview of various therapeutic approaches, classified into 16 distinct domains. Each domain encompasses a range of therapies, offering users a brief description and an assessment of the level of evidence supporting each therapy’s efficacy.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The database spans 16 domains, including: career and family support; self-management; community and social life; education and vocation; interpersonal interactions and relationships; cognitive functions, sleep disturbances; problem with behaviour; speech, language and communication; sexual functions and intimate relationships; mental health; motor functions and mobility; exercise and fitness; activities of daily living; nutrition; general autism symptoms and diagnosis; ensuring a wide array of therapies are represented.
  • Detailed Descriptions: For each therapy listed, users will find a succinct yet informative description, providing essential insights into the nature and application of the therapy.
  • Evidence Levels: To aid in evaluating the reliability and effectiveness of each therapy, the database includes a categorized assessment of the level of evidence.

The launch of this database represents a significant advancement for the Autherapies project. By consolidating a wealth of information into a structured and accessible format, it supports informed decision-making and enhances understanding of various therapeutic options. Whether you are a healthcare professional, researcher, or family members, the Autherapies database is an invaluable resource set to make a substantial impact in the field of therapy and healthcare.

Discover the data base here.